Social Media Benefits for Businesses

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We’re sure that by now, as a business owner, you’re aware of the 4.2 billion active social media users across the world. That’s over half of the world’s population. But, how can your business benefit from having a social media presence?

If your business isn’t taking advantage of social media marketing within your current internet marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a ton of potential customers. Still on the fence about social media marketing? Or, maybe social media just isn’t your thing…

Let’s go over how social media benefits businesses today and how Kiopi can help you implement an easy social media strategy to grow your business.

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Social Media Benefits for Branding

Use Social Media to Build Brand Awareness

With so many potential customers using major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, businesses can benefit greatly from having a social media presence.

If you’re looking to improve brand awareness or brand recognition, then social media marketing is a great way to start. Nearly two-thirds of small to medium sized businesses use social media to market themselves, with over half posting organic content daily.

Today’s access to immediate information encourages consumers to research online before purchasing. Marketing your business on major social networks is a cheap and easy way to ensure that your products or services are everywhere a potential client may search.

social media benefits for business

Your customers are expecting to engage with your company on at least one social media platform. Over 91% of social media users follow their favorite brands on their preferred social media platform.

According to Instagram, 83% of a surveyed audience said they have discovered new products or services on the platform.

Improve Brand Loyalty With Social Media Marketing

Businesses that are able to humanize their brands are typically those who reap the benefits of brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty isn’t an overnight process, though. It’s built over time, and building this loyalty takes patience. However, when you post organic content and have real life, organic social conversations with your target audience, this process can be sped up exponentially, if executed correctly.

benefits of social media for businesses

When you’re active on social platforms, you’re able to introduce new followers to your company and products. You’re also able to educate that audience on how your customers are using your services or products as well as how your brand can benefit them!

And, when one of your customers needs help or posts customer feedback, your being active on social media platforms ensures that any hiccups won’t negatively affect your brand’s story.

Keep Your Brand Top of Mind With Social Media

According to Pew Research Center, 70% of social media users view their social media accounts at least once daily with around half of those checking their social media profiles multiple times daily.

So, it’s safe to assume that the vast majority of your potential customers are on at least one social media platform at least once daily.

How many other marketing efforts can ensure that your content will end up in front of a potential customer every single day? This certainly can’t be said for traditional media.

When you create relevant content and distribute this content across social channels regularly, you should see an influx of new leads, if not new customers. Not only can this increase your profits directly but they can also lower your marketing costs when you use the data to research your audiences!

This doesn’t mean that you have to be attached to your Facebook or Instagram account 24/7. There are social media publishing schedulers, like Kiopi, that can help you schedule your social posts ahead of time. This is a great way to organically grow Instagram or Facebook profiles.

Social Media Benefits for Business Growth

Increase Website Traffic With a Strong Social Media Presence

The goal of online marketing for most businesses, especially e-commerce businesses, is to drive more traffic to the website. Social media posts and social media ads are both great ways to accomplish this.

When you create content and publish it to your business’s website, you can then share the link on your social media profiles. And, when you share quality content that a potential customer finds interesting, he or she will visit your website to learn more.

As one of the best social media schedulers, Kiopi’s social media content scheduler allows you to distribute content across multiple social media platforms. Post to Facebook, post to Instagram, post on LinkedIn, or even tweet to Twitter all with the click of a button using Kiopi.

If you consistently participate in social chats, you increase the chances of increasing your brand recognition, getting attention from different groups, and driving qualified leads to your company website.

Make sure that you add your website URL to every business profile you have. This way when a potential customer wants to learn more about your business, they can do so with a simple click.

Collect Leads on Social Media Platforms

benefits of social media marketing for businesses

Online lead generation is such a critical part of social media advertising that many social media sites offer ad formats specifically to increase leads.

Businesses can use social platforms to increase lead generation in a number of ways.

Lead Magnet Offers

One effective way to get more leads on social media is to compel your target audience to share their information with you in exchange for something they want. Many businesses choose to offer a free tool, a free download, or a percentage off of a purchase.

You could even entice followers with an interactive engagement post on Facebook!

Social Proof

Customer testimonials and customer stories, in general, can often provide all of the social proof your business needs to capture new leads on social media channels.

When you showcase how much your customers have benefitted from your service or product, you’re demonstrating your brand’s value, and this helps generate leads. According to Wyzowl, two out of three people are more likely to make a purchase after they see how a business, product or service has helped someone they know or someone like them.

benefits of social media for businesses

Social Media Ad Targeting

A paid social media advertising strategy is another way to help generate leads for your business.

Using social media ads, you can input highly targeted options to show your audience offers that are tailored to their specific preferences. This increases the chances that they’ll understand the pain points you’re expressing through your ads and understand how your product or service can help them remedy these issues.

Generate More Sales Using Social Media

Many business owners don’t see the benefits of social media marketing because oftentimes, social media isn’t at the bottom of their sales funnel. However, this doesn’t mean that social accounts can’t provide a critical function in your sales funnel.

Many times, social media users will discover, follow, and then purchase from brands they discovered on a social media channel.

As the amount of people using social media grows and as social selling becomes more popular, social media networks will become more and more important for all businesses but especially small businesses and online businesses.

Social Media Benefits for Content Strategy and Distribution

Promote Valuable Content Using Social Media Channels

You spend a decent amount of time conducting market research, keyword research, and looking into the latest industry news to help provide content that’s a real value to your customers. Promoting this content on social media is an easy way to get your helpful content in front of new potential customers, showcase your business’s success, and establish yourself as a thought leader.

social media benefits for business owners

After all, it helps promote your well-thought-out content for free, and it takes less than a minute or two to share. You really have nothing to lose with this.

Potentially Go Viral on Social Media Platforms

When you post your content onto a social media site, once you’ve grown your audience, people will start liking, sharing and commenting on your social posts. Your organic content will then be exposed to their friends and family. This means you’ll reach a larger audience.

Going viral takes this simple concept a step further.

As your followers and your followers’ friends share your content within their own networks, your content can spread across the internet, if you provide content worth sharing.

social media benefits for businesses

And, in a world where your target audience is exposed to more social media content than they could possibly imagine, having a friend or a friend of a friend share your content means that your company, for that person, is pre-vetted.

While “going viral” is unlikely, without a social media presence, it’s impossible.

Source User Generated Content on Social Media Channels

Your business can source content on social media in two ways:

  • source consumer ideas
  • source content

Source Ideas from Consumers

If you’re stuck in a slump, you can ask your loyal customers or followers what they’d like to see. From here, you will engage in social listening. Actually listen to what your audience is telling you and try to provide what your potential customers are seeking.

If you want to save time, you may want to invest in social listening tools for business.

social media benefits for small businesses

Source Content

The best way to source content from social media sites is to create a contest.

Get your audience excited about your business while you gain a variety of social media posts that you can share over time.

For example, if you sell scarves, ask your audience how they tie their scarf. Encourage them to share photos by creating content using a specific hashtag.

Another example could be if you sell something for children, specifically. You could encourage your audience to take a photo of the child opening the box.

In both cases, you will get an array of photos, which you can then use to promote your brand for the months to come.

Social Media Benefits for Business Communication

Improve Brand Reputation with Social Media Monitoring

Almost everyone has a social media profile.

social media benefits for business

Shouldn’t you be on social media to respond?

Reputation management is impossible if you aren’t aware of the conversation surrounding your business. If you’re active on social media, then you can respond to negative feedback before the issue has a chance to become a major issue for your business.

Improving brand reputation on social media does require a bit of social media monitoring, but it’s pretty simple to handle.

If someone is saying something that simply isn’t true, you professionally address the issue and move on. And, if someone is bragging about your brand, you thank them and share the content. This draws more attention to positive feedback.

Encourage Engagement With Social Media Accounts

Social media networks allow your customers to feel close to your brand. They feel as if they can communicate with you any time, day or night. This is an important benefit since traditional media only offers a one-way conversation between consumers and businesses.

social media for businesses

This is the norm, now. This is what’s expected.

Help Unhappy Customers and Offer Customer Support Via Social Media

When a customer is upset, the last thing you want is for them to have time to “stew over it”.

Consumers expect businesses to be available on social media. They will seek out branded accounts when they need customer service.

Even small businesses can manage this with the right tools in place. There are a variety of customer service platforms that can help you handle chats, texts, and even emails via live chat options for reasonable prices.

Half of social media users expect a response from businesses on social media within 3 hours.

And, truthfully, they aren’t asking too much.

Benefits of Data from Social Media Strategy

social media brand reputation

Learn About Your Brand's Different Audiences on Social Media

What better way to learn about your loyal customers than to actively engage with them and see what they’re actually like?

One key social media benefit is the sheer amount of consumer data it provides for businesses.

Every major social media platform offers basic analytics for its business users. This information can provide demographics for those who interact with your social account.

When used correctly, you can use this information to tailor your marketing strategy to better interact with your current audience.

benefit of social media for business

Use Social Media to Gauge Brand Sentiment

While social media monitoring is an important aspect of business, in general, business owners can also learn a ton about how their audience actually feels about their brand.

Analytics and data can easily provide you with the number of people talking about your business, but it’s also crucial for you to understand how they feel.

If your brand is getting a ton of mentions, this could be good, or it could be bad.

If you’re active on social media channels and your brand is getting a lot of negative feedback, you can quickly figure out what is wrong and address the issue on social media.

Being able to put out “consumer fires” is worth the time required to be active on various social media platforms, even if that is all you do!

social media benefits for businesses

Track Competitors on Social Media

We’ve all heard the saying, “You’re only in a competition with yourself.” But, for most business owners, this really isn’t true. We all have competitors out there.

A huge social media benefit for businesses is the ability to see what their target audience is saying about the competition.

For example, if you track your competition’s social mentions, you may find pain points within their products or services. You can then use these points to improve your product or service.

When you monitor your competitors on social media platforms, you’ll also know when they launch a new product or service, when they’re running a sale, or when they revamp a current product or service.

social media competition

Use Social Media Marketing to Improve ROI

As a business owner or even a marketer, you must know your conversion rates. This is a critical element of social media campaigns. You need to be able to prove a valid ROI for every task you take on.

With social media tools, you’re able to see how much your social media exchanges are benefitting your business.

You can use Google Analytics to track all of the website traffic that was generated from social media. If you’re an e-commerce store, you can also use this data to calculate a return on investment for both your paid social media campaigns as well as your organic traffic increase.

Benefits of Social Media Advertising

Reach Your Target Audience With Social Ads

Advertising on social media is an inexpensive way to promote your brand.

Most social media platforms offer decent targeting options so that you can squeeze the most out of your marketing budget.

These targeting options include geography, online behavior, language and other demographic information. This allows you to create specific messages for specific prospects, and you only pay to reach the exact subset of viewers that you want to reach.

Use Retargeting to Improve Customer Loyalty

Good marketers understand that people who abandon shopping carts are prime target audience members. These people are much more likely to convert than the general public. They’ve expressed interest in your product or service to the point where they almost purchased from your business.

shopping cart abandonment

Your job is to figure out why these potential customers have abandoned their carts.

When you use tracking tools on social media, you can retarget these prospects, showing them ads for the exact product or service that they previously had in their shopping cart.

Social Media Is Essential for Businesses

Social media is a critical part of online marketing. That doesn’t mean that the process has to be difficult, though.

Business owners have found great success using social media posting platforms, like Kiopi!

Kiopi offers a ton of social media features including a social planner to help you map out your objectives.

Kiopi also provides a social media content calendar. This allows you to see not only what you plan to publish on social media, but also what you’ve previously published. The calendar option helps to ensure that you don’t repost the same or similar content too close together.

Additionally, when you use Kiopi’s platform, you can schedule social media content all at once. Schedule content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Google My Business with one single click of a button.

Once you’ve posted your content, you can then use Kiopi’s social media analytics tool to see how well your content is performing.

You don’t have to be a content specialist to run successful social media marketing campaigns. With the help of Kiopi’s social media tools, you’re able to reap the benefits of social media for businesses…with ease.

Kiopi offers a free 14-day trial period, so you have nothing to lose!

Start growing your business on social media today!