Schedule Social Media Posts by Groups

Group Multiple Accounts on the Same Social Media Platform or Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

Kiopi’s latest feature expansion allows for unparalleled flexibility and efficiency for social media managers by introducing multi-account, cross-platform posting capabilities.

How Kiopi's New Group Feature Sets Us Apart From Other Social Media Scheduling Tools

Here’s why this development is a significant milestone for our social media management tool and its users:

Scheduling Social Media Posts in a Centralized Location

Kiopi’s new feature enables users to create one social media post and schedule it across various client accounts on multiple social media platforms simultaneously. Whether it’s a universal greeting, an announcement, or a social campaign that applies to all clients, marketing teams can now disseminate information quickly and uniformly.

Custom Grouping

The ability to select and group multiple client accounts for posting is highly flexible. This means that for general messages like a “Merry Christmas” post, small businesses can choose all clients across multiple platforms.

For more targeted messaging, users can handpick specific client groups. This flexibility means that marketing managers are not restricted by the social platform or client type and can adapt their social media strategy to content planning seamlessly.

Simplified Management of Multiple Social Media Campaigns

For campaigns that span multiple clients and social channels, Kiopi’s bulk scheduling and grouping feature simplifies management tremendously. With this functionality, executing a coordinated campaign launch or maintaining a consistent messaging thread and content strategy across different audiences becomes far less complicated.

Resource Optimization

This feature greatly reduces the time and effort required to manage multiple social media posts across different client accounts and platforms. By consolidating the social media scheduling process into a single action, those who manage multiple accounts can optimize their resources, allocating more time to strategy and visual content development.

Consistent Brand Messaging

When managing the social media presence of multiple clients, maintaining brand consistency is essential. Kiopi’s cross-platform posting capability ensures that each brand’s voice and message are consistent, no matter the social platform, without the risk of dilution that can occur when handling each social media post individually.

Effortless Scalability

For agencies and freelancers managing a growing roster of clients, scalability is crucial. This feature allows for growth without a proportional increase in time spent on operational tasks or approval workflows, making the social media scheduling tool scalable and user-friendly regardless of the number of clients or social platforms being managed.

Social Media Analytics Advantages

By using Kiopi’s social media scheduler to post across multiple accounts and platforms, marketers who manage multiple accounts can gather in-depth social analytics from a centralized source, making comparative analysis and cross-platform social media performance assessments more accessible and actionable.

Enhanced Client Service

This feature, like other key features we’ve created, reflects Kiopi’s commitment to addressing the needs of social media marketing professionals who manage multiple social media accounts.

By implementing a grouping option for our social media post scheduler that our users have requested, we enhance the service of our social media management tools, strengthen client relationships, and showcase our responsiveness to user needs.

Implementation Based on User Feedback

The development of this feature was guided by direct feedback from users like you, who highlighted the need to minimize repetitive tasks and maximize time savings while using Kiopi’s social media calendar to schedule posts across various accounts.

The developers of the social media scheduling platform listen and evolve the social media planning tool based on the valuable insights provided by our community of professional social media marketers.

In sum, Kiopi’s multi-account, cross-platform posting capability is not just an incremental update—it’s a strategic enhancement designed to transform the way social media efforts are carried out on the social media planner, aligning with our ongoing mission to drive efficiency and effectiveness of our social media tools.

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Social media planning with Kiopi

How to Use Kiopi's New Social Media Publishing Feature to Schedule Social Media Posts for Multiple Clients at Once

This guide is designed to help you navigate the new feature with ease and make the most of Kiopi’s enhanced capabilities for effective social media management. Our dedication to improving the status quo is only part of what makes Kiopi the best social media scheduler for growing businesses.

social media group posting

1. Accessing Group Management: To begin, locate the ‘Group Menu’ option on the left-hand side of your Kiopi dashboard. This will take you to the page where all your posting groups are organized.

2. Managing Your Posting Groups: On the group management page, you’ll find a list of your previously created posting groups. Here, you can edit existing groups or start fresh by creating a new one.

3. Creating a New Group: To set up a new distribution group, click on the ‘New Group’ button. This is where you’ll define a new group spanning multiple posting destinations, clients, and platforms.

4. Naming Your Group: Give your new group a clear, descriptive name that reflects its purpose or the commonality between the accounts (e.g., “All Clients – Christmas Greetings”).

5. Selecting Destinations: Within the new group creation window, you’ll see a list of possible posting destinations categorized by client and platform. Check the boxes next to the destinations where you want your social posts to be published.

6. Saving Your Group: After selecting the desired destinations, save your new group. It will now appear as an option in the client dropdown menu whenever you create new social posts.

7. Scheduling Posts: When creating a new post, select your new group from the client dropdown list instead of individual accounts. Assign your content to this group, schedule content by selecting the posting date and time, and you’re done!

8. Automated Social Media Posting: Once the social media posting schedule is complete, Kiopi will handle the rest. Your scheduled posts will automatically publish to all the social platforms, accounts, and pages included in the group at the scheduled time.

Enjoy the benefits of seamless multi-platform posting with Kiopi, where managing your social media presence is now more efficient than ever!

Make Scheduling Social Media Posts Easier Than Ever With Kiopi!

Kiopi revolutionizes social media management with a comprehensive suite of engagement tools tailored for businesses and professionals eager to streamline their online presence. At a competitive starting price of just $24.99 a month, users gain access to a meticulously crafted content calendar that offers a panoramic view of scheduled posts, ensuring that their content calendar performs seamlessly.

The platform’s social media AI writing tool drastically simplifies content creation, enabling users to craft compelling social media posts that engage audiences across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, and Twitter.

The embedded link shortener adds convenience by condensing URLs when users schedule posts. Kiopi’s in-depth social analytics tools offer a granular look into campaign performance, which, when coupled with robust social campaign management tools, empowers users to make data-driven decisions.

Moreover, the social media post-scheduling tool ensures that content delivery is both timely and consistent. To further enhance efficiency, Kiopi has introduced a new grouping feature that amplifies reach by allowing a single post to be distributed across various social accounts and platforms.

The platform’s tools enable seamless interactions with audiences, ensuring that every comment and response is an opportunity to build relationships and brand loyalty.