Later Alternative

You’re not completely sold on your social media management company, and you’re searching for a Later alternative. You’re not the first. In fact, you’re among many people saying “See You Later” to Later and getting on board with a more user-friendly option.

Let us show you why Kiopi is the Later alternative you’ve been waiting for.

Cost Comparison

Let’s take a look at the cost comparison between Kiopi and Later. At first glance, Later looks like the better deal price-wise.

But remember: what matters is what you are actually getting for your money. We’ll go into more depth on that later.

Both applications have four pricing plans to choose from. From the most affordable to the top tier, our Later alternative plans include Primary, Pro, Premium, and Platinum. Later has a similar setup: Free, Starter, Growth, and Advanced.

Let’s compare the pricing side-by-side for Kiopi (the Later alternative) and Later below:

Kiopi social media management software
Kiopi logo


Paid by month: $29
Paid by month: $30


Paid by month: $49
Paid by month: $42


Paid by month: $99
Paid by month: $85


Paid by month: $199
Paid by month: $170

Later alternatives

Paid by month: $0
Paid by month: $0

Paid by month: $15
Paid by month: $12.50

Paid by month: $25
Paid by month: $20.83

Paid by month: $40
Paid by month: $33.33

Here are some side-by-side tables comparing Kiopi vs. Later that highlight the stark differences:

Kiopi logo
Plan # of users # of accounts # of posts Price
Primary 2 20 unlimited $25/mo
Pro 4 50 unlimited $42/mo
Premium 8 100 unlimited $85/mo
Platinum 16 200 unlimited $170/mo
Later alternatives
Plan # of users # of accounts # of posts Price
Free 1 6 30 $0/mo
Starter 1 6 60 $15/mo
Growth 3 6 150 $25/mo
Advanced 6 6 unlimited $40/mo

Need we say more?

In terms of pricing, Later’s social posting service and Kiopi are pretty similar. So, let’s get into what really sets them apart: the features.


Alright, we admit. The pricing for Later looks really tempting. But what exactly are you paying for? Let’s dig into what really sets the two apart: the features.

Account Connection

You’re in the market for a social media account management tool, so it only makes sense that you want access to as many accounts as possible.

The ultimate goal is to continue growing. So even if you start out with a handful of clients and only need access to less than 20 social media accounts, we’re guessing you still want room to expand your business or agency without feeling limited.

Well you’re in luck, because Kiopi is ready to grow with you. That’s why our subscribers have the option to select from plans that offer numerous social accounts - with access to as few as 20 accounts and up to 200! Unlimited social media posts - both real-time and scheduled - are included in every plan. We make sure that what you get is exactly what you pay for, and then some!

On the other hand, Later only offers connection to one social set. Each additional social set costs extra. Those tantalizing low prices look good from afar, but this catch ensures they add up pretty quickly. These separate add-ons apply for each of their available plans, all except the free plan, which doesn’t offer any add-ons. Their free plan allows for 30 posts per social profile, while their premium plan is the only one that features unlimited posts.

Number of Users

The plans Kiopi offers are meant to reflect the size and needs of your business, while our prices directly reflect the size of your plan. With this in mind, our plans support 2, 4, 8, and up to 16 users.

Later? Not even close. Later’s plans only include space for 1, 3, or 6 users. Access to additional users costs extra, another $5 per month per user, to be exact.

It’s pretty obvious who’s offering more bang for your buck.

User Experience

User experience can make or break how any application is perceived. A website that eats your time because it’s hard to navigate isn’t going to generate a lot of interest. However, navigating a website that’s well thought-out and carefully designed to make your job easier - all while being pleasing to the eye? That’s golden.

We kept these principles in mind when designing Kiopi. Our competitors? We can’t say the same for them...

Bulk Scheduling

Searching for a solution that allows you to schedule a large number of posts across multiple accounts all at once? We would venture to say yes. Isn’t that really the point of a social media management tool, after all?

Unfortunately, with Later, your ability to queue posts is severely limited. In increasing order of plans, Later offers 30, 60, and 150 posts per month. You and your team (of no more than 6 people) can only unlock unlimited posting if you spring for their most costly plan.

At Kiopi, it just doesn’t make much sense to us to limit the number of posts you can schedule at a time. That’s the reason all four of our affordable options offer an unlimited number of scheduled posts. That’s right - from our basic plan all the way to our most inclusive. Running out of space for your posts will never be an issue with Kiopi.

Kiopi > Later – See ya later, Later!

From the individual managing their own social media presence to a large agency managing multiple clients and brands, Kiopi has the perfect plan for you and a price to match it. For matters of convenience and cost, say hello to Kiopi’s social media posting services. It’s time to leave Later in the past where it belongs.