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Simply basing your successes or failures on the number of likes or followers you’ve obtained isn’t the best route when it comes to analyzing your social media strategy. Though these numbers can be very telling, they are not the only data you should be measuring. Rather, the best way to gauge your social media presence is to implement a social media analytics tool.

Social media analytics can be incredibly beneficial in determining which of your social media strategies and campaigns are working for you and which ones aren’t quite hitting the mark. It can also give you much more meaningful insights and perform a more thorough performance analysis than what you are able to see from the front end.

Not only can this help improve your marketing efforts in the future, but it can also help save you time, effort, and money along the way.

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What is Social Media Analytics?

The ability to acquire and make sense of data gathered from social media platforms to support business choices — and assess the success of actions based on those decisions — is known as social media analytics. It is the process of tracking, recording, and evaluating data from any given social network or platform.

Businesses, marketers, and individuals alike can all benefit from a social analytics tool that allows them to better understand social media performance, track important metrics, and generate effective data reports.

Depending on the insights you’re searching for, the breadth of your social media analysis can be as limited or as broad as you need it to be. Kiopi offers the ability to monitor social media traffic using a variety of social media measuring tools. Detailed reports of likes, reactions, comments, and shares may all be obtained from the metrics gathered by social media analytics, but our social media posting service doesn’t stop there.

The notion of what we call “social listening” is also included in social media analytics. This entails keeping an eye on social media for possible issues as well as opportunities to expand through comprehensive reporting.

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What Makes Social Media Analytics Important?

Aside from the obvious benefit of social network performance data being compiled into one easy-to-read report, there are several other reasons why social media analytics tools are so important. For example, these tools can be efficient in:

Not only may these insights be utilized to make technical adjustments, but they can also be used to guide strategic decisions. In turn, a good social media analytics tool can positively impact a variety of business activities.

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For example, tracking social media analytics can be effective in product development. By analyzing a collection of things like Facebook ads, tweets, and Instagram comments, you can gain a better understanding of your customer’s ever-changing demands and requested features. Additionally, you may uncover trends that help shape the operation of existing products and services and drive the development of new ones. Businesses may utilize this data to better manage inventories and suppliers, cut costs, and make better use of their budget and resources.

Further, social media analytics may be utilized to maintain brand health, improve social media advertising efforts, adjust positioning, and generate new brand characteristics by continuously monitoring positive and negative engagement.

How To Track Social Media Analytics

While certain social analytics tools allow you to view insights across multiple platforms at once, there are ways in which you can view your analytics for individual accounts. In fact, plenty of social media platforms provide an analytics tool for their users. Some, like Instagram, require you to have a business account set up in order to view insights. Others, such as Twitter, allow both businesses and personal accounts alike to access these reports.

Below, we’ll give you a brief rundown of each of the main social media platforms’ analytics tools and how to access them.

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Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Though there are many methods and tools out there that allow you to analyze your social metrics, we strongly recommend you use Kiopi for your social media analysis needs. First and foremost, Kiopi is a social media management tool that allows users to plan and schedule posts for a number of different clients and accounts far ahead of time.

However, there’s so much more to it than that. Kiopi also has a variety of additional features such as a comprehensive content calendar, unique campaign management tools, a built-in link shortener, a AI social media post generator (sometimes referred to as an AI caption generator) that’s considered one of the top AI tools for social media management, and yes, even a free social media analytics tool!

From Kiopi’s analytics dashboard, you’ll be able to view a full Engagement Analysis Report for each individual client. A visual chart will depict your social engagement over time, including likes and reactions, comments, and shares. Kiopi allows you to view these reports for the past 30 days, 3 months, or 6 months, depending on the time frame you wish to inspect. Additionally, you can choose between viewing analytics from all of your platforms at once (excluding GMB, as analytics are not currently available) or from each platform individually.

Want a physical copy of these reports? No worries! We made it as easy as the click of a button to download, open, and print a PDF copy of your Engagement Analysis Report.

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Try Kiopi’s Built-In Social Media Analytics Tool Today!

If you’re looking for the best social media analytics tool, look no further. Try Kiopi’s 14-day free trial so you can get a feel for all of Kiopi’s features, including our easy-to-use data analytics tool. By utilizing social media analytic reports with the help of useful tools like Kiopi, you’re on the right track to growing your social media management skills and improving your career.