Hootsuite Alternatives

Looking for something better than Hootsuite? You’ve come to the right place. At the end of the day, Hootsuite isn’t worth a hoot compared to Kiopi, and we’ll show you why.

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Plan # of users # of accounts # of posts Price
Primary 2 20 unlimited $25/mo
Pro 4 50 unlimited $42/mo
Premium 8 100 unlimited $85/mo
Platinum 16 200 unlimited $170/mo
hootsuite alternatives
Plan # of users # of accounts # of posts Price
Pro 1 10 350 $49/mo
Team 3 20 350 $129/mo
Business 10 35 350 $599+/mo

Pretty self-explanatory, wouldn’t you say?


Let’s be real, you want a social media management tool that gets the job done but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to do so. At Kiopi, we get that. We’ve been around enough social media management tools in our day to know that while helpful and time-saving, they can get pretty pricey.

Hootsuite is no exception.

Kiopi's all-inclusive, low-cost options provide you access to all of your favorite features dependent on the size of your team and the number of accounts you manage. So, if you only plan on managing up to 20 social profiles, our Primary Plan is ideal for you. For approximately $25 per month, this package gives two individuals access to 20 social profiles. For larger accounts, try our Pro, Premium, and Platinum plans for only $42/mo, $85/mo, and $170/mo.

Meanwhile, Hootsuite offers 3 plan options: Pro for $49.00/mo, Team for $129/mo, and Business for $599+/mo.

The price points between Kiopi vs. Hootsuite simply don’t compare, but just wait ‘til you hear what you’re paying for…


Number of Accounts

You might think that with Hootsuite’s outrageous prices, you’d be getting what you pay for, right? Well, if what you’re paying for is access to less than 40 social accounts, then yes, you will get that with Hootsuite. You heard us right - Hootsuite’s most “inclusive” and expensive plan option, Business, offers users access to ONLY 35 ACCOUNTS. Meanwhile, their Pro and Team plans provide access to 10 and 20 accounts, respectively.

With Kiopi, we make certain that the price of your plan reflects your level of accessibility. As a result, we offer you plans with access to 20, 50, 100, and 200 social accounts, all of which COMBINED are cheaper than Hootsuite’s 35-user Business plan.

Let that sink in.

Number of Users

If you’re an agency managing several businesses’ social media accounts at once and a maximum of 35 accounts isn’t a dealbreaker yet, then the number of users allowed for each plan might be. Hootsuite’s plans start at just 1 user (Pro), then increase to a whole 3 users (Team), and finally, they reach their limit at 10 users for what they call their Business plan.

We have little to say to that.

What we will say, however, is that Kiopi offers you a lot more bang for your buck. Our four affordable plans grant you and your team access to 2 users for Primary, 4 users for Pro, 8 users for Premium, and 16 users for Platinum.

Bulk Scheduling

If we had to guess, we’d say you’re probably looking for a tool that helps you schedule loads of posts across different accounts far in advance. After all, isn’t that the entire purpose of a social media management application? What if we told you that with Hootsuite, your ability to queue posts is limited - like, extremely limited. So limited, in fact, that you can only schedule up to 350 posts at a time!

At Kiopi, limiting the number of posts you can schedule at a given time doesn't make very much sense to us. That's why each of our four inexpensive options allows an unlimited number of scheduled posts, from our most basic plan to our most inclusive. You never have to worry about running out of space for your posts with Kiopi, and that’s the way it should be.


When it comes to the available social media platforms, Kiopi and Hootsuite differ slightly. Both offer access to the big 3: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They also both include LinkedIn access. Where they differ, however, is that Hootsuite offers Youtube and Pinterest access, while Kiopi offers Google My Business (GMB) access.

Our reason for this is simple. As our Kiopi founders have managed social media accounts for an array of clients, we know that businesses can benefit far more from GMB than they do Pinterest or YouTube. But to each their own!

Kiopi > Hootsuite – There’s No Competition

Whether you are an individual trying to manage your own social media presence, or a large agency managing multiple clients and brands, Kiopi has a plan that’s right for you with a price that’s right for you. For more accessibility and affordability, choose Kiopi. Not to hoot our own horn, but there really is no competition.