How to Post to LinkedIn

Quick and Easy

The thing that separates LinkedIn from other popular social media platforms is that it is designed to be a professional career networking site. Rather than simply posting vacation photos or updating followers on daily activity, individuals use LinkedIn to enhance their professional image, locate jobs or internship opportunities, make professional connections, and above all, develop their careers.

However, like the majority of social networking apps, LinkedIn is more than just a hub for career-driven individuals. It is also a place where businesses, firms, and corporations alike can recruit, network, sell, and thrive.

Hire, Sell, & Connect

As a business or company, LinkedIn can be utilized in a number of ways. Whether you’re planning to recruit new employees, sell products or services, or simply connect and engage with consumers, LinkedIn is the place to be. Personal connections, interest relevance, and the likelihood for engagement are among the criteria used by LinkedIn’s built-in algorithm to rank articles. In other words, it tries to offer individuals content from accounts they follow that will pique their interest and encourage them to engage. When you post, you should strive to achieve these same results.

The organic targeting option for posts is one of LinkedIn’s more notable marketing tools. Page administrators may target postings based on information from followers’ profiles, such as company size, industry, job title, seniority, region, and preferred language.

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You can also use LinkedIn’s social media advertising to boost your marketing strategy. LinkedIn ads, which come in a variety of formats, allow companies to target and reach users outside of their existing following. You may even address LinkedIn members by name using personalization settings, which can make a world of difference in making your company seem approachable and personable.

These tools, among many others, make LinkedIn instrumental to positive audience connection and grant businesses the ability to sell their brand image as well as hire and engage with other like-minded professionals.

Build Your Business’s Credibility

With the right marketing strategy, LinkedIn can also be a great place to establish and build credibility. For example, LinkedIn makes it easy for businesses and individuals alike to share their awards, honors, and achievements. You are also able to notify current employees when you make a post. Thus, they can stimulate conversation by engaging with the content and increase its visibility.

More ways to establish credibility on the platform is to use LinkedIn to push toward all of your other digital touchpoints. This may include your other social media networks, newsletters, blogs, websites, and anything of the like. Emphasize to potential consumers what they will gain from following you, whether it be things like employment prospects or otherwise useful information that is sure to benefit them.

Posting regular, informative content is another way to achieve recognition. This doesn’t mean you need to post full-length articles every day, but including some helpful tips or informational how-to’s may be a great idea. Even simple photo or video content of your business’s everyday operations will suffice. The point is, the more consistently you post, the more likely you are to increase your brand’s visibility and establish a strong reputation.

Lighten Your LinkedIn Load with Kiopi

In the grand scheme of things, LinkedIn is a professional platform where you can build a professional network, gain insider knowledge from recognized industry leaders, establish credibility, and so much more. It’s an important addition to your social media marketing strategy, so be sure to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

However, with so much to offer, there’s not always time to keep things as consistent and organized as possible. Luckily, Kiopi can help you lighten your LinkedIn load. Kiopi’s social media posting service helps you simplify the posting process and has your back when everyday posting puts too much on your plate. Our publication tools, such as our social media scheduling tool, content calendar, and social media analytics tool, allow you to plan deliverables in advance and keep all of your content across LinkedIn and all other major social platforms, organized and accessible. Check out our service plans and decide if Kiopi is a good fit for you.