Sendible Alternatives

Looking for a better alternative to Sendible? You’ve found it! Trust us, we’re much more dependable than Sendible.


Both Kiopi and Sendible offer four different plans for your choosing. Kiopi’s plans include Primary, Pro, Premium, and Platinum, with Primary being the most basic and inexpensive plan and Platinum being the most comprehensive. On the other side of things, we have Sendible’s plan options: Creator, Traction, Scale, and Expansion.

We’ll compare the pricing side-by-side for each of these plans below.

Kiopi social media management software
Kiopi logo


Paid by month: $29
Paid by month: $30


Paid by month: $49
Paid by month: $42


Paid by month: $99
Paid by month: $85


Paid by month: $199
Paid by month: $170

Sendible alternatives

Paid by month: $29
Paid by month: $25

Paid by month: $89
Paid by month: $76

Paid by month: $199
Paid by month: $170

Paid by month: $399
Paid by month: $340

The numbers speak for themselves

As you can see, Kiopi’s Primary plan and Sendible’s Creator plan are the same price, but as the plans increase in size, Sendible’s prices nearly double the price of Kiopi. You would think that double the price would result in double the features, but… take a look for yourself.

To give you a better visualization of Kiopi vs. Sendible, we took the liberty of creating some comparative tables:

Kiopi logo
Plan # of users # of accounts # of posts Price
Primary 2 20 unlimited $25/mo
Pro 4 50 unlimited $42/mo
Premium 8 100 unlimited $85/mo
Platinum 16 200 unlimited $170/mo
Sendible alternatives
Plan # of users # of accounts # of posts Price
Creator 1 6 100/day $29/mo
Traction 4 24 100/day $89/mo
Scale 7 49 100/day $199/mo
Expansion 15 105 100/day $399/mo

When you put it like that, it’s a no-brainer!

In terms of pricing, the two are pretty similar. So let’s get into what really sets them apart: the features.


Let’s take a look at the features that Kiopi offers compared to Sendible.

User Experience

User experience means a lot when it comes to web applications these days. Nobody likes to waste time studying the ins and outs of a website or idly surfing until they locate what they need. It shouldn't seem like you're reading ancient hieroglyphs instead of navigating a website that's designed to make your work simpler. It should be simple and self-explanatory, and it also doesn't hurt if it’s visually appealing, too.

We kept these realities in mind when designing Kiopi, though we can't say the same for our competitors...

Number of Accounts

It only makes sense that if you're looking for a social media account management tool, you'd want access to as many accounts as possible. Even if right now you only have a few clients and require access to less than, say, 20 social media accounts, you want the opportunity to scale up if you can. After all, isn't the objective to keep expanding? Don't you want to be able to grow your company or agency without feeling constrained by the size of available space?

We believe the answer is yes. And thankfully, with Kiopi, you can be prepared for that exponential growth. We provide our members the option of selecting from a variety of account options, starting at 20 accounts and maxing out at 200 accounts!

Meanwhile, Sendible’s plans only offer access to 6, 24, 49, and 105 social profiles. Pretty random if you ask us.

Number of Users

The plans we provide at Kiopi are designed to fit the size of your company. Similarly, our costs are calculated based on the size of your plan. That way, you know you are getting the most bang for your buck. As a result, we have plans for 2, 4, 8, and up to 16 users.

Sendible offers a similar number of users for each of its plans, going from 1 to 4 to 7 and up to 15 users max. Not too shabby, but still not as good as Kiopi.

Number of Scheduled Posts

From our most basic plan to our most inclusive, each of Kiopi’s four affordable plan options allows an unlimited number of scheduled posts. We believe that unlimited posts = unlimited potential! Not many other applications can say the same, and we take pride in that.

With Sendible, however, there is a limit to how many posts you are able to queue up at once: 100.

You don’t have to be a Crossfitter to work this one out.

Kiopi > Sendible – Because We’re Simply More Dependable

Whether you are an individual trying to manage your own social media presence, or a large agency managing multiple clients and brands, Kiopi has a plan that’s right for you and a price to match it. For accessibility and affordability, choose Kiopi today.