Buffer Alternatives

Are you looking for something similar to Buffer, but better? Check out this quick comparison chart to see exactly how Kiopi is a better Buffer alternative…

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Plan # of users # of accounts # of posts Price
Primary 2 20 unlimited $25/mo
Pro 4 50 unlimited $42/mo
Premium 8 100 unlimited $85/mo
Platinum 16 200 unlimited $170/mo
buffer alternatives
Plan # of users # of accounts # of posts Price
Pro 1 8 100 $15/mo
Small Business 6 25 2,000 $99/mo
Medium Business 11 50 2,000 $199/mo
Large Business 26 150 2,000 $399/mo

Yeah. I’d say that speaks for itself.

Using Kiopi will have you saying “I can’t believe it’s not Buffer!” Except you will be able to believe it, because it’s not Buffer — it’s better than Buffer.

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Let’s start with the obvious: pricing. When we hear people’s frustrations with the current social media management platforms out there, it usually has to do with their affordability - or rather, lack thereof. Buffer is one of the main culprits when it comes to overpriced services.

Kiopi’s inclusive and affordable plans allow you to access all of your favorite features based on your team’s size and the number of accounts you manage.

So, if you know you’ll only need to manage up to 20 social accounts, our Primary Plan is perfect for you. This plan offers two users access to 20 social accounts for only $25 per month. Meanwhile, Buffer requires you to purchase individual subscriptions for each social account. You heard that right, not per user or per client. PER SOCIAL ACCOUNT. On Buffer’s plan, you can expect to pay $6 a month for each account you add, and that adds up FAST.

Think of it this way. By purchasing Kiopi’s all-inclusive plan, the Platinum Plan, for only $170 a month, you’ll have room for up to 16 users who can access up to 200 social accounts. Meanwhile, for the same price on Buffer, you would only have access to only 28 accounts.

This brings us to our next comparison point: Account Access.

Account Access

Like we said above, Buffer is lacking in the social account department. Under Buffer’s “business” plan, rather than pay $6 per account, you’d have access to a mere 25 social accounts, starting at $99/mo for small businesses and increasing by the hundreds for medium and large businesses. For large businesses seeking access to 150 social accounts through Buffer, you’d be looking at the hefty price of $399/mo.

On the other, significantly better hand, Kiopi offers access to 200 social accounts for nearly half that price!

You don’t need to be a math wiz to compare the numbers here. One year of Buffer for large businesses and you’re down almost $5,000. One year of Kiopi for even larger businesses and you’d pay about $2,000, saving nearly $3,000!


Correct us if we’re wrong, but you are seeking a social media management tool for the purpose of collectively managing a large number of posts across multiple platforms, right? That’s what we thought. To us, it doesn’t make much sense to limit the number of posts you are able to schedule.

That’s why we offer an unlimited number of scheduled posts in each of our four affordable plans.

We can’t say the same for Buffer. For even their “Pro” version, you are limited to only 100 queued posts. Through their small, medium, and large-sized business options, you are capped out at 2,000. Doesn’t seem very fair, does it?


At Kiopi, our plans reflect the size of your business, and our prices reflect the size of your plan.

We offer plans that allow 2 users, 4 users, 8 users, and 16 users. Seems pretty reasonable to us!

Buffer, on the other hand, offers plans that go from 1 user immediately up to 6 users, then 11, then 26... And of course, you can bet that the prices for each plan reflect those significant, and particularly random, increases in users.


When it comes to social media platforms, Kiopi and Buffer differ slightly. With Buffer, you have access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Kiopi offers all of these platforms aside from Pinterest. Instead of Pinterest, we offer Google My Business access, also known as GMB.

Our reason for this is simple. As our Kiopi founders have managed social media accounts for an array of clients, we know that businesses can benefit far more posting to Google My Business.

Kiopi > Buffer – It Just Makes Sense

Whether you are an individual trying to manage your own social media presence or a large agency managing multiple clients and brands, Kiopi has a plan that’s right for you. For more accessibility and affordability, choose Kiopi. Let us show you why there really is no competition.