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Looking for a Sprout Social alternative? Look no further!

Let’s face it, you aren’t given nearly enough room to grow with Sprout Social. It’s time to expand your business and bloom to your fullest potential with the help of Kiopi.

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Plan # of users # of accounts # of posts Price
Primary 2 20 unlimited $25/mo
Pro 4 50 unlimited $42/mo
Premium 8 100 unlimited $85/mo
Platinum 16 200 unlimited $170/mo
Sprout social alternatives
Plan # of users # of accounts # of posts Price
Standard 1+ 5 50 $89/mo
Professional 1+ 10 50 $149/mo
Advanced 1+ 10 50 $249/mo

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Cost Comparison

Let's start with the most obvious consideration: cost. People typically seek social media management tools for one reason - to make their life easier. However, as we all know, that comes with a price. As a result, most social media management applications offer monthly and yearly subscriptions for their services.

We recognize that publishing and scheduling software is extremely helpful, sometimes necessary, for those managing multiple accounts at once. However, there comes a time when you have to ask yourself: Am I overpaying for these services? With the number of expensive services that are currently available, the answer is probably yes. If you use Sprout Social, the answer is definitely yes.

Let’s compare.

With Sprout Social, you are given the option of one of the three following plans: Standard, Professional, and Advanced. For the Standard plan, you’ll be paying $99 month-to-month or $89 when billed annually. Seems outrageous, right? Just wait ‘til you realize that price is PER USER. That’s right, almost $100 for every user added, and that’s just on the most basic, least expensive plan.

After Standard comes the Professional plan, where you can expect to drop $169 per user in month-to-month payments and $149 when billed annually. Finally is the Advanced plan, which is $279 by the month and $249 by the year.

Seem like a lot? Yeah, because it is. Over at Kiopi, we offer four much more inclusive and much more affordable plans: Primary, Pro, Premium, and Platinum. In ascending order, the prices are $25, $42, $85, and $170 when billed annually and $29, $49, $99, and $199 when billed by the month.

It’s pretty clear that Kiopi and Sprout Social's pricing points simply do not compare, but just wait until you hear what you're paying for…


When someone is looking for a tool that will help them manage social media accounts, it is often because they are handling several accounts at once and seek the opportunity to bulk schedule ahead of time. That’s the idea, right? Well, what if we told you that your ability to queue posts was incredibly limited with Sprout Social? So limited in fact, that you can only have 50 queued posts per profile.

As a social media mass scheduling tool, a limit to the number of posts you’re able to queue at a time really makes no sense. That's why, from our most basic plan to our most inclusive, each of our four affordable options allows an unlimited number of scheduled posts. With Kiopi, you'll never run out of room for your posts, and that's exactly how it should be.

User Access

When it comes to the number of users available per plan, there really is no competition. At Kiopi, the plans we offer are meant to reflect the size of your business. Likewise, our prices are meant to reflect the size of your plan. So whether you’re an individual or a team of people, we have a plan that will accommodate you. Our four affordable plans grant you and your team access to 2 users for Primary, 4 users for Pro, 8 users for Premium, and 16 users for Platinum.

As we mentioned before, Sprout Social’s insanely expensive plan options apply per every user. That means, if you’re an agency with 10 people, you can expect to pay nearly $1,700 per month, and that’s for the cheapest plan!

Of course, if you’re an agency managing several client accounts at once, we feel it’s relatively safe to say you wouldn’t be using Sprout Social, given the number of social profiles they allow…

Social Profiles

You might think that with Sprout Social's outrageous prices, you’d be getting what you pay for. Well, if what you’re paying for is access to a maximum of 10 social profiles, then yes, you will get that with Sprout Social. You heard us right - Sprout Social’s most “advanced” and expensive plan offers users access to ONLY 10 ACCOUNTS. For their cheapest plan, that's deduced by half, giving you access to a mere 5 social profiles.

At Kiopi, even our most basic plan allows access to more accounts than Sprout Social’s most inclusive. We offer subscribers the option of choosing from a plan that offers a number of social profiles from 20 to 50 to 100 to even 200!

Social Platforms

Kiopi and Sprout Social differ only slightly in terms of available social media platforms. With Sprout Social, you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Kiopi offers all of these platforms aside from Pinterest, in which place we provide access to Google My Business (GMB).

The explanation for this is pretty straightforward. As our Kiopi founders have managed social media accounts for an array of clients, we know that businesses can benefit far more from GMB than they can from Pinterest.

Kiopi > Sprout Social – The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Whether you are an individual trying to manage your own social media presence, or a large agency managing multiple clients and brands, Kiopi has a plan that’s right for you with a price that’s right for you. For more accessibility and affordability, choose Kiopi.