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Outsourcing social media marketing is common for not only small businesses but also bigger brands. Putting your social media presence in the hands of a social media manager can ensure that you see actual results in your social media efforts. In this post, we’ll break down the benefits, challenges, and major considerations to consider if you’re considering outsourcing social media management or social media marketing efforts to either a social media marketer or a social media posting service.

How to Outsource Social Media Marketing

Are you ready to outsource your social media marketing?

Some businesses prefer social media management to be handled by an in-house employee and don’t believe they can outsource social media management. If you are this business owner, keep reading! We may have the best, most cost-effective solution for you.

If you’re ready to learn more about social media outsourcing, we’ve got helpful information for you here, as well!

Here are some helpful tips to be successful with your social media resources without harming your brand. Social media outsourcing can bring a fresh perspective to content creation and social platforms that will benefit your business the most.

Choosing a Good Social Media Agency

The social media strategists you choose for your social media outsourcing is critical because whichever outsourced team you select will represent your brand, ultimately representing you.

They will be responsible for creating the various elements of a social media campaign and for producing messages that not only create awareness but also characterize your brand image. 

From an outside perspective, everything said on your behalf could be a first or final impression someone experiences of your brand.

With all of this in mind, you should choose a digital marketing or social media company or single social media expert very carefully if you choose to outsource social media to a team instead of a platform.

You could choose to work with a freelancer that is qualified as a social media consultant, or for larger social media campaigns, you could hire a social media company.

Social Media Agency

Regardless, you should make sure that whoever you choose is trustworthy. You can look up their profiles and check their reviews, see if they have any testimonials on their business page or social platform, and also check with other industry peers for referrals.

Consider an Agency For Only Setup and Content Strategy

Outsourcing social media marketing doesn’t have to be long-term. Social media outsourcing for a short period of time is an option.

A social media marketer can assist you in setting up your social media strategy and developing a social media calendar. They can provide expert advice and show you how to use all elements of social media marketing, and when you feel comfortable taking over, you can handle the marketing on your own.

Just be sure to be upfront about your expectations and plans. Don’t do something to someone else that you wouldn’t want to be done to you!

Work Closely With Your Agency

One of the most common mistakes that business owners make is not openly communicating with their social media expert.

Letting your social media management agency know what you want and don’t want is essential to having your business appropriately represented. There could be issues that arise on your social media accounts that your consultant may need you to handle or at least work with you to find a resolution.

It is vital that you and your social media expert are on the same page about content and strategy development so that you can reach more potential customers.

Monitor Your Social Media Consultant’s Work

While digital marketing consultants are experts on social media or have platform-specific knowledge, they may not have the insight that an in-house employee would into your business. This is why when you outsource social media management, you should make it a priority to stay updated on the work of your consultant.

monitor social media

You should advise your consultant during the content planning stage so that your brand’s reputation isn’t in jeopardy. If they’re responsible for reputation management, as well, be sure to make that clear.

Monitoring their work will assist you in identifying whether they’re helping your business, and it’ll also help them better understand your business needs. It can take some time for a marketing agency to get familiar with your business and determine your audience and social media needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

While you may think that having your in-house team might be more beneficial than outsourcing your social media marketing, there are some potential benefits that you should consider.


Experienced online marketing professionals have access to resources you probably don’t have and the knowledge to help scale your business faster.

By managing your social media account, digital marketing experts can identify growth opportunities and the shortcomings of your social presence, produce desired outcomes that result in more leads, faster response times and a strong brand voice, and increase your presence on specific social media platforms.

Expert Knowledge

Using an outsourced social media manager will allow you to utilize social media to improve your business exposure.

Most social media professionals are experienced in marketing or public relations. They know who to target and how to make that happen through advanced social media insights

With social media being their specialized domain, a social media manager brings platform-specific knowledge to the table.

outsource social media faq

Outsourcing can provide your business with expert help in digital marketing and establishing a significant social media presence. 

Access to Professional Social Media Management Tools

Having knowledge about a social media platform isn’t enough for effective social media marketing.

Social media experts have the tools and knowledge to create content that will help boost your outreach.

Consultants will have access to social media marketing tools that range from writing to designing to publishing. They may even know how to improve your rankings on Google by optimizing SEO in blogging and other web content.

Since they pay constant attention to social media trends and Google algorithms, many times, they can provide helpful insight to social media management.

Social Scheduling Tool

Social Media Data and Analytics

Social media management agencies can provide vital insight with reporting and analytics tools. Oftentimes, social media consultants have access to social media marketing tools that monitor audience engagement.

Such tools let them analyze the success rate of your social media posts on social media platforms and introduce improvements for lead generation.

Social media managers also use tools to post content at times when your target audience is most active on their feeds. These tools ensure that your posts get exposure globally, even if they’re in a different time zone.

These tools give your agency the ability to see what type of content is working and what type of content is not working.

Improve Response Time

One of the most common pitfalls we see is business owners who fail to realize the following statement.

outsource social media management

Social media doesn’t sleep; there aren’t designated office hours and no weekends off.

You don’t want your interactions to go unchecked. Social media consultants have the ability to respond in real time to concerns, along with setting up automated follow-ups with consumers.

This will improve your response time to ensure customers keep coming back and help your business stand out against the competitors.

Should You Outsource Social Media Marketing?

When you outsource your social media marketing, consider that it means quite more than just handing over your current social presence and expecting to see results.

If you have any issues with the following topics, you may want to consider working with a social media marketing company.

Time Constraints

The time you’d have to spend on social media management can instead be focused on your business by outsourcing social media marketing.

Social media marketing agencies are dedicated to taking on the day-to-day tasks needed for managing social media. This includes research, content creation, and performance analysis.

Not having the time to adequately focus on your social media marketing could cause you to be wasting time on marketing that is falling flat and not bringing in new customers.

outsourcing social media


Social media marketing agencies work with different clients of all sizes and across different industries. 

social media Branding​

However, the ways in which social experts approach clients varies from brand to brand.

To make a new hire’s job easier, you should establish your mission and unique qualities. The top priority of your business should be your brand voice.

If you expect them to have graphic design experience, you need to clearly understand their abilities up front.

Providing a style guide highlighting how to talk to your target audience should be at the top of your priority list as well.

Social Media Marketing Goals

Is your goal to bring awareness to your brand? Have better customer service and support? Generate more leads and sales?

Whatever your goal, outsourcing your social media marketing can help build your social media strategy that will result in the best outcome from your social media efforts. Knowing your social media marketing goals will influence your budget as well as strategy development.

How Much is Your Social Media Strategy Documented?

organically grow instagram followers

Outsourcing social media marketing comes in different forms.

You could use a social media marketing agency if you’re looking to brainstorm your social media presence from scratch. However, you may benefit more from bringing in a freelancer to your existing workflow or approval process.

The more social media strategy that is documented, the better it is for your business. 

Social Media Marketing Plateaus

Simply having social media profiles on different platforms isn’t enough to generate your desired results. You may want to see more interaction on Facebook or wonder how to get more views on Instagram.

Outsourcing your social media marketing may be what you need to keep your social media presence from plateauing. If you’re not reaching the potential customers you need to or you’re not moving the needle on your key performance indicators, you may benefit from hiring a social media marketing agency.

Challenges of Outsourcing Social Media Management

Social media outsourcing isn’t always easy. There can be challenges when you hire a social media consultant.

Some of the common struggles that businesses can face when working with a social media marketing agency include the following:

Right Social Media Marketing Agent, Right Price

While there isn’t a shortage of agencies or freelancers, there is a difference between hiring a freelancer at $15/hour and working with a seasoned agency.

Going through the profiles of agencies or freelancers can be tedious. That’s why looking at their portfolios and reviews, assessing their specialties such as platforms and brands, and figuring out a realistic budget are all critical when it comes to choosing which route is best.

cost to outsource social media

How Kiopi Can Help Improve Social Media Management

Needing consistent posting, proper brand exposure, and positive engagement from followers can stack up fairly quickly.

This can cause account managers to become overwhelmed, overloaded, and lost in mounds of social media content. With the click of a button, you can schedule social media content in advance, saving you time and money.

Kiopi's Social Media Scheduling

Our social media scheduling tool allows you to plan, schedule, collaborate, and produce content in ONE place. Using our scheduling program is unlike others.

We also allow you to create, schedule, and manage social media campaigns for individual clients. Scheduling social media content helps in time management, planning ahead, reliability, accessibility, and collaboration.

Kiopi's Social Media Calendar

A content calendar is an excellent method to ensure that your target audience receives consistent, organized, and high-quality material. A social media calendar is a schedule or overview of your upcoming and completed social media posts.

With the help of our social media content calendar, you will be able to schedule and organize your social media posts in a way that suits not only your individual needs but also your business needs. 

social media Content Calendar

You can plan posts, keep track of previous postings, and coordinate with other team members.

A social media calendar provides the following benefits:

  • Organization
  • Time-saving
  • Mistake avoidance
  • Consistency
  • Staying on-brand and on-track

Kiopi's Social Media Analytics

We have social media analytics tools to help with tracking, recording, evaluating data from any social media platform, and measuring social media efforts in general. Having these tools allows businesses, marketers, and even individuals to have a better understanding of social media performance and essential metrics and generate effective data reports.

Detailed reports, including the number of likes, reactions, comments, and shares, can all be obtained from metrics gathered by social media analytics.

Having social network performance data compiled into one report isn’t the only benefit of social media analytics. There are several reasons why these tools are so important, including the following:

  • Spotting trends relate to social media campaigns and advertisements
  • Identifying high and low-value features of products and services
  • Gauging overall reach
  • Pinpointing audience demographics
  • Analyzing consumer responses on various social media platforms
  • Demonstrating your performance over certain periods of time

Outsource Social Media to Kiopi

social media marketing

If you know that you need to outsource your social media management, why not try Kiopi?

We offer a free 14-day trial and have competitive rates. Our platform was designed by a boutique digital marketing agency called Digital Logic. We were tired of the finicky social posting platforms that wouldn’t stay connected to user accounts and would only work half of the time.

With Kiopi, you can seamlessly plan and post your social content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business all at once. Our software prepares and delivers analytics data so that you can easily determine how to alter your current social media strategy to reach more new customers. Our social media experts are available 24/7 to help you with any questions you may have.