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We live in an incredibly connected age, and it only seems to be getting easier to connect to people, regardless of physical distance. Social media is an ever-present force in a lot of people’s daily lives, which makes it one of the most powerful tools a brand can utilize in their marketing efforts. 

While it may be a powerful marketing tool, it’s difficult to develop a social media presence and create content that can garner engagement as well as lead conversion. Social insights can allow businesses to analyze their existing social media content and develop effective strategies for any future social post efforts. 

In this article, we’ll take you through the importance of social media insights, including what they could tell you about your business, audience, and industry as a whole. We’ll also teach you how Kiopi can help you evaluate and optimize your social media strategy.

What are Social Insights?

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Social insights are a collection of social media marketing information based on data collected from any existing social accounts. This can include data pertaining to user engagement, audience demographics, and industry trends. Understanding and analyzing this data is crucial to optimize social media campaigns and strategies.

Much like other forms of consumer insights, social media insights are designed for brands to better understand what their audience is talking about, looking for, and willing to give attention to. If your brand is looking to step up your marketing game, understanding how to analyze and utilize social media insights can help your business connect with consumers in a meaningful and effective way.

Leveraging Social Media Insights

Consumer insights are only effective when they are utilized. Having a collection of user data will only benefit a company or business when that information is considered when developing new marketing strategies. For example, website analytics can help marketers determine where they are losing engagement and/or conversions in the customer journey. But if web developers don’t use this data to help improve the website’s navigability, they may lose out on many potential leads.

The same applies to social insights. If your brand has a social media account, it has analytics that can be utilized, so it’s important to gather that data and utilize it in future social media campaigns. Social insights can help your brand understand how to best engage audiences and what social media platform will best reach them. It may also reveal what your social media efforts have been missing. Below are the steps you can take to examine your presence on social media and improve your marketing strategy.

It’s important to understand where a brand is at in terms of social media performance before it begins changing strategies and tactics. Social media measuring can help brands identify what posts have worked for them in the past so they can create effective content that will reach their audience. This data can include impressions and engagement and is available for free through most social media platforms. 

Social media analytics can also give brands valuable insights into who exactly their content is reaching and who is engaging with it. This can include demographic information such as the gender, age range, and geographic location of their consumers, as well as consumer interests and purchase history. Social platforms store some of this data about their users, and marketers can use these consumer insights to better understand and market to their audience. 

In order to reach consumers where they are, businesses need to understand what platforms their target consumer primarily uses. For example, Twitter is more suited to brands that are able to market to small, specific audiences, whereas Facebook can be used to reach wider audiences with broader interests. Social insights can help a business identify which social media platform they perform best on. These insights can also give brands a look into what social media platforms their audiences use most, which can help them reach consumers more effectively.

Businesses and organizations looking to analyze their social media efforts should also take a look around at their local competitors. This research can help brands understand the current social landscape for their industry and develop strategies that will stand out to consumers. 

With all of this information on a brand’s target audience, existing social presence, and local competitors, it can be hard to understand what to do next. If your business is looking to improve its social media content and engage with its audience in effective ways, Kiopi’s social media analytics services can help. We can actually gather social insights for you and display the data all in one place, so you can better analyze it. This allows you to focus on consumer engagement and retention, so you can focus on creating original content, sharing user-generated content, or even participating in consumer conversations.

Top Metrics and Social Media Analytics Tools

Benefits of Using a Social Media Scheduling Tool

Traditional consumer research usually involves surveys, focus groups, and media impressions so marketers can evaluate where in the customer journey they may need to improve upon. These same tactics can be used to provide brands with valuable social insights and can be used in tandem with any social media data they’ve already collected. Below are some of the multiple sources brands may want to utilize to improve their social content.

Social insights rely heavily on the consumer and their interests. If a brand is looking to understand who they want to cater content to on social media, they have to first understand its target audience and its consumer trends. Different demographics can have varying interests, purchasing habits, and social media habits, so it’s important to understand who exactly your brand is trying to reach.

Market analysis can also give brands valuable insights into the trends in their industry and how saturated their market is. This industry analysis can be essential to develop relevant social media content that plays to a company’s strengths and leverages competitors’ weaknesses. One example could be developing content that highlights product features that makes their brand stand out in their market. 

It’s no secret that consumers read reviews on products and services before purchasing, so it’s crucial that marketers understand their current brand reputation and monitor what their consumers are having conversations about. Consumer opinions can give social media teams an idea of what their brand is doing wrong and give them a chance to respond to any negative sentiment. 

Consumer insight into a brand’s engagement can help them analyze past marketing strategies and gain a better understanding of what content their customers engage with. This can include web activity and engagement, as well as social media post engagement. Based on these social insights, brands can better decide what strategies to employ in the future.

Conversion metrics measure a brand’s effectiveness in turning viewers into paying consumers. Well-researched social media strategies can be successful in increasing a brand’s audience, but if that brand can’t get those individuals to purchase their goods or services, they won’t profit. For example, specific keywords could be more likely to get a consumer to respond to a call-to-action than other keywords. These social insights can help businesses gain a better understanding of what their audience actually responds to. 

How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy With Social Insight

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Now that we know what social insights are important to developing effective social media marketing content, let’s discuss how to use this information to improve your social marketing strategies across multiple platforms. If your brand is looking to improve your marketing strategy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business, Kiopi can help you gather social media insights and make it easy to analyze your current strategy, so that it can be improved upon. We can also help you plan and schedule content for your social accounts, making our all-in-one marketing software well worth it.

Gathering social and consumer insights can help companies and brands focus on which audiences they should target with their social content. This can include finding influencers that could help their brand reach their consumers, as well as tailoring content to their target audience. Audience analysis can also help marketing professionals pay to promote their content to the consumers who will most likely engage with their brand or respond to any calls to action.

Marketing doesn’t just involve monitoring the consumer and the competition, it involves a lot of self-monitoring as well. If a brand isn’t listening to the conversations consumers are having about their product or business, then they aren’t learning what your customers really want or need from their brand. Social listening, like reading and analyzing reviews of a brand, can help marketers understand what their audience expects from their company, and that information can help them improve upon their current products or services in a way that will benefit their customers. 

Investing time into improving customer service can help a company or organization improve engagement and retention, as well as elevate the customer experience, even if they’ve had a negative experience with the brand.  Brands should engage in internal research to analyze their existing customer service experience and identify any shortcomings it might have. 

Brands can also engage in conversations with their consumers on social media to improve their customer’s perception of their brand. Reaching out to consumers expressing negative opinions of the brand on social media can help improve their experience with that brand and limit future negative reviews. 

Social media content can be bold, clever, and visually appealing, but if it’s not optimized for the correct audience or doesn’t follow industry trends, it may not increase brand engagement or conversion. Social insights can be critical for marketers looking to better understand and connect with their company’s average consumer. If their content is tailored to the right audience, optimized for maximum engagement, and shared on the right platform, they can increase brand awareness, audience retention, and even increase lead conversion and sales.

How Kiopi Can Help You Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness and generate media content that is dynamic and engaging, Kiopi is the social media marketing tool for you. Kiopi can compile engagement data to make analysis easy so you can develop accurate social insights and better understand content or social trends on any social media platform. Start your free trial today and identify where your brand’s social strategy may fall short so you can develop content that will give your brand an edge over your competitors.