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Businesses must have a solid social media presence to be successful.

However, staying on top of multiple social accounts and other marketing tasks while running day-to-day operations can be difficult.

On most other social media platforms penalize businesses for publishing content too often, Twitter welcomes it. So, if you’re marketing on this social network specifically, you’ll want to invest in a social media posting service that allows you to bulk schedule tweets natively.

These allow you to schedule multiple tweets, view scheduled tweets and automate tweets to improve your Twitter marketing strategy.

Let’s look at how bulk scheduling can help save time and improve your social media marketing strategy. We’ll also look at some of the best Twitter tools!

The Best Tools for Scheduling Tweets

Many social media scheduling tools are available to manage your social media accounts for your business.

Depending on what you want out of the scheduling tool will determine which one you choose.

Many free tools are only programmed for Twitter, while other paid tools include more social media outlets. Scheduling tools that cover multiple social media platforms can help keep your message consistent while spreading it over various channels.

Whether you already have developed an online presence and want to lighten the load with scheduling posts or starting from scratch, there’s a social media management tool for you!


What makes Kiopi stand out against the other social media scheduling tools and social media posting apps is that it was created by the owner of a digital marketing agency that truly wanted to create the best social media scheduler around. 

After testing different scheduling apps and seeing what features worked and which didn’t, Kiopi was created to fill in the gap.

Kiopi allows you to bulk schedule posts on Twitter and other social platforms far in advance. Automating social media posts is easy with Kiopi’s social media scheduling tool. You can also create and schedule Facebook posts, Instagram posts, LinkedIn posts, and Google Business posts.

Need to add images? Kiopi lets you do this, too.

And, if you need to, Kiopi allows you to delete scheduled tweets from the web app, as well. This helps you keep your social media plans organized and easily accessible.

tweet scheduler free

Check out the social media analytics tool to see what content received the most engagement from your followers. This helps you make well-informed scheduling decisions that can seriously change the course of your social marketing campaigns.

Use the social media campaign manager in Kiopi to create business goals for your social media marketing strategies. Use the social media content calendar to view published posts, add tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, stories, or reels, and post to Google Business and LinkedIn.

Kiopi has an AI social media generator and Twitter monitoring tools for no additional cost!

Kiopi allows unlimited clients, unlimited campaigns, up to 16 users, 200 social media accounts, and 24/7 customer support. Start to schedule tweets for free for the first two weeks.


RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool that works with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and GMB (Google My Business) listings.

The editorial calendar feature allows you to schedule future posts months in advance and recommends the best time to post.

Since Twitter does not allow the same content to be posted on multiple accounts, the RecurPost app features a tweet variations function that will modify and upload your tweet.

RecurPosts’ other functions are automatic tweet scheduling, hashtag targeting, keyword targeting, scheduling recurring tweets, customizable content library, team management, social media integration, multi-account management, and analytics and reporting.

If you’re unsure if RecurPost is right for you, the tweet scheduler is also free for the first 14 days!


Tweetdeck is a free Twitter scheduler that allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously.

When Tweetdeck was created, it was only optimized for managing Twitter accounts. After a few years, it added Facebook, LinkedIn, and FourSquare to its support arsenal, but when Twitter acquired the software, it removed the other social media networks.

This scheduler comprises various customizable columns that can display your timeline, mentions, messages, trending topics, search results, favorite hashtags, lists, or all tweets by or to a single account.

With TweetDeck, you can post tweets automatically or schedule them later.

If you’re looking for total social marketing management, TweetDeck may not be as helpful as other tools mentioned in this post.


Tweroid is a Twitter scheduler tool that helps you know the best time to tweet. It analyzes your posts and followers’ tweets but only evaluates public accounts.

Tweroid takes the last 200 tweets made by your followers and creates a report based on what they tweet and when. While the report can take a while to populate, this tool helps you know what to tweet and how to reach the maximum number of people.

Tweroid also evaluates what your followers are posting so you can create your content to cater to their likes and needs.

While this is a decent analytics tool for the Twitter app, It doesn’t actually help with scheduling tweets.


Twittimer lets you schedule tweets for multiple Twitter accounts at once. All you need to do is compose your tweets, select the date and time for posting, and upload.

You can also upload up to 4 photos and 1 video per tweet with Twittimer. Remember, Twitter does not allow the same tweet to be shared over multiple Twitter accounts, or you could risk losing your account.

Once your tweets are uploaded, the scheduled tweets can be viewed in the archive for up to 60 days so they can easily be retweeted. Twitttimer provides statistics on your tweets’ performance by showing likes, retweets, replies, and shares.

Users can easily add RSS feed information to repost their latest content to their accounts.

While Twittimer does let you post Tweets for free initially, it is not a free Tweet scheduler.


Postfity is an app for scheduling tweets that allows you to post tweets on your public profile or direct them to an account beginning with “@,” just like the full version of Twitter.

While typing your message, Postfity lets you see the number of characters remaining in your tweet. This scheduling tool also allows you to evaluate your account’s performance. You can also use Postfity to post content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Xing.

Postfity offers a free 30-day trial, but the prices jump up afterward.


Iconosquare is a great scheduling tool for worldwide brands and agencies. This social media management tool provides analytics, tracks competitors, and schedules posts in one place.

Iconosquare is more geared towards sharing images, so if you tweet more photos than written content, consider using this to schedule your tweets.

The Media Library tool allows you to upload pictures from DropBox or OneDrive. Iconosquare lets you categorize your content and search for images. You can also write content for future tweets and save them later using the “Saved Captions” function.

When creating a tweet, previously used hashtags will pop up so you can quickly use the ones you know will produce results. Iconosquare can also be used with Instagram and Facebook.

Why Should You Schedule Tweets or Twitter Posts?

Why Schedule Tweets?

Managing a business can be time-consuming enough without worrying about your online presence. When using an app to schedule Twitter posts, you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about if someone tweeted today. Using an app to schedule posts gives you more time to focus on other areas of your business while growing your online presence.

Increased Productivity

Scheduling Twitter posts in bulk has several benefits. If you’ve ever tried maintaining a Twitter page, you understand how time-consuming this can be.

Being able to schedule multiple tweets at once is vastly more efficient. In many cases, you can spend an hour or so and knock out an entire month’s worth of tweets using a tweet composer and scheduler.

When businesses schedule tweets, this frees up time for them to focus on other aspects of their business. Many scheduling tools even tell you the best times to schedule tweets, so all you have to do is create the content, and the app will handle the rest.

free tweet scheduler

Twitter Post Consistency

Additionally, adding a scheduling feature ensures that your tweets are consistent, especially if you need to schedule recurring tweets.

Twitter Post Scheduler Free

When developing a Twitter presence, you want to show up consistently for your followers. By using an app to schedule tweets, you can create future content without having to stop your day to make a post manually.

Followers are more likely to see your tweets when you post consistently, which creates accountability. By tweeting consistently, you can also gain more followers. No one wants to follow an account with significant gaps between Twitter posts.

Plan for Holidays

Scheduling tweets in advance allows you to look at upcoming events in your area and holidays. By knowing what’s coming up, you can plan your content accordingly. If a big sporting event is coming up, you can tailor your content for that event, which helps more people see your business and therefore, have a more significant impact.

free twitter scheduler

More Time for Engagement

Lastly, a Twitter scheduler frees up your time so that you can actually engage on Twitter. More engagement and consistent Tweeting is one of the easiest ways to grow your brand on social platforms like Twitter.

When scheduling tweets, you can analyze your content’s performance.

Many scheduling apps provide tools to track your tweet engagement, which can help improve your Twitter account overall. Having already scheduled your content frees up time to engage with your followers and develop a more personal online presence.

How to Schedule Twitter Posts With Kiopi

When using Kiopi to schedule tweets, it doesn’t get any easier. First, you’ll need to connect your Twitter account (as well as any other Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or GMB profiles you want to manage) to Kiopi.

We have a comprehensive guide on “How to post to Twitter.”

Once you’re connected, select +Create New Post at the top left corner of your Kiopi dashboard.

Select the client you wish to post for and make sure that Twitter is highlighted, as well as another other social media platform you wish to post to. You can also select the campaign you want your post to be associated with.

Once you’ve written your caption, choose Schedule this post. You can manually type in the date and time or click the calendar icon.

Once you click Save and Schedule Post, Kiopi will deliver your post at your scheduled time and date. 

How to Schedule Twitter Posts With Kiopi

Benefits of Using Kiopi’s Tweet Scheduler

Using Kiopi to schedule Tweets saves you and your business time and energy. Not only does Kiopi allow you to schedule tweets in bulk and in advance, but you can also schedule posts across multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

In addition to scheduling social media posts, you can analyze your posts and cater your message to the largest audience.

Social Scheduling Tool

Kiopi’s social scheduling tool makes it easy to manage multiple social media accounts and share your message across multiple social media platforms, all with the click of a button.

Social Scheduling Tool

The Kiopi dashboard has everything in one place – scheduled posts, clients, and campaigns – all within reach. Kiopi saves you time by linking your or your client’s social media posts. Instead of toggling between various websites, you can post to all profiles in one place.

Kiopi also offers an AI social media post-generating tool, so you don’t even have to craft content messages if you don’t want to!

When you create a Kiopi marketing campaign, you can feel confident that your posts will be posted when scheduled, so there’s no reason to check back at your campaign.

If you have a team of individuals running your social media, Kiopi makes it easy for everyone to have access. If you want to plan your social media campaigns out a week, month, or year in advance, Kiopi lets you have unlimited posts scheduled in the queue without being “buggy.”

Content Calendar

The Kiopi content calendar helps you manage your scheduled tweets and other social media posts while keeping them all organized. You can quickly know which post is scheduled for which day.

Content calendars are especially useful when planning social media campaigns or managing multiple clients. By being able to view all the scheduled tweets and other posts in one place, the chance of error can be reduced.

The content calendar also allows you to stay consistent with your posts and helps you maintain your online presence.

social media Content Calendar

Data and Analytics

Kiopi compiles all of your social media data and analytics into one place. This allows you to view your overall reach during a campaign and where the high and low points were.

These tools can help you spot trends, determine the best time to post to your twitter account, and pinpoint specific audience demographics to grow your reach.

Not only can this save you time when running future campaigns, but it will also save you money since you’ll know the best way to spend your marketing dollars.

Businesses aren’t the only entities that need a social media presence. Social media for churches can promote growth. Social media for nonprofits can help get your cause out there. Social media for lawyers can help establish trust. Political figures, influencers, social media strategists, and a host of others can benefit from using a social media content scheduler to grow as an entity. And at Kiopi, we want to help you grow, whoever you are!

Start Your Free 14-Day Trial!

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Simply put, Kiopi offers better quality services than other scheduling tools.

If you still need convincing that Kiopi is the right scheduling solution for you, we offer a free 14-day trial so that you can test out all the features listed above and more. Kiopi can help you keep up with your scheduled tweets and other social media accounts by organizing them in one place. When you can trust the scheduling software to grow your online presence, you can focus on running your business. Kiopi takes the guesswork out of social media marketing, so start your free 14-day trial today.