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You may think a hashtag is only worth using on Twitter or Instagram. But hashtags are being used across all social channels, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Small business hashtags are a great way for a small business owner to increase their online visibility by reaching potential customers that would otherwise not know they existed.

Owning a small business doesn’t mean your marketing strategy needs to be small. When you utilize small business hashtags, you can compete with the large marketing budgets of major companies or brands.

Understanding the Importance of Small Business Hashtags for Growth

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Social channels provide small businesses with an enormous marketing opportunity they once lacked. Before, small businesses were restricted to print, video, and digital advertising to promote their products.

Now, small business owners can funnel their marketing efforts into social platforms with more reach than traditional marketing.

When you add hashtags to a social post, social channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even LinkedIn automatically add the post or article to the search results when a community member searches the keywords or seeks resources related to your helpful insights via the hashtag!

This is one easy and effective way small business hashtags help your brand reach a wider audience.

Small business hashtags are an essential part of your tweets or content. Without popular hashtags, your content would only reach your current audience.

Incorporating small business hashtags that align with your products or services is a great way to reach potential customers. When adding these to your content, you can choose from general hashtags (somewhat active hashtags), trendy hashtags (very active hashtags), or specific small business hashtags (like #smallbusiness hashtags).

Small businesses can reach their target market using hashtags related to their offerings. Many social users search for their interests using related tags.

Identifying Trending Hashtags

Understanding which small business hashtags are necessary for your social media strategy can be time-consuming.

A social listening tool can help identify related tags by tracking and analyzing current social media trends relevant to your small business campaign, allowing you to use the best hashtags for your industry.

Here are a few helpful tips to ensure users discover your brand and include it in discussions online.

To take advantage of the wide variety of Instagram hashtags, you’ll want to track each current hashtag that customers frequently relate to.

You want your small business hashtags to be relevant to your brand.

A popular, more general tag you could use is #smallbusiness, for instance.

Knowing what hashtags other small businesses use is important.

If you see that even somewhat active hashtags encourage discussions related to the brand within your own target audience, add these to your “hashtags to use” notes.

Unveil the power of related hashtags to enhance the reach of tweets or a social post. Strategically chosen hashtags can amplify your social backlink strategy. This increases online visibility and connects you with more online conversations.

Craft Engaging Social Media Content Around Hashtags

What some may call the “best hashtags” may not be relevant to your industry. Small businesses can still participate in trending topics by tailoring content to fit those hashtags.

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Kiopi’s social content calendar allows small business entrepreneurs the ability to plan out their content months in advance. You’ll want to incorporate frequently celebrated holidays and niche events into your calendar, as this frequently encourages prospective customers to follow smaller brands.

For example, Small Business Saturday has become a huge holiday for shoppers before Christmas. Consumers search small business hashtags, like #smallbusiness and #smallbusinessstaurday, to see what small businesses are offering.

To continue the Small Business Saturday example from above, when planning which hashtags to use, you want your content to match those hashtags, especially on social channels, like Instagram.

For example, you can attach hashtags to coupons or specials so customers can publicly access them and have conversations around them.

Encourage User-Generated Content With Branded Hashtags

American Eagle’s brand, Aerie, successfully created a community of customers using the hashtag #aeriereal. This increased in-store sales. Now have over 200,000 Instagram posts using that hashtag, with thousands of comments to boot!

While AE is a large company with major resources, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to see success with your own branded hashtag.

As a small business owner, don’t be afraid to ask customers to incorporate your branded hashtag into personal social media content.

This encourages consumers to interact with your brand and can connect the community with a new brand!

Each social media post should promote discussions related to your brand.

One advantage that small or local businesses have over larger companies is the ability to create personal conversations with target consumers.

Maximize Hashtag Reach with Kiopi’s Social Scheduling Tool

Many small businesses rely on Kiopis social scheduling tool to schedule content in advance.

Facebook ads social media analytics

With Kiopi’s analytics, small businesses can see when audiences view social media content as well as their interactions.

If you notice specific hashtags are performing better than others, you know that you should continue using them to reach more customers in your market.

Create a list of active and somewhat active hashtags used, notating which ones got more engagement than others.

Social media is a lot of trial and error, so if you see some posts or hashtags aren’t getting the response you hoped for, you change your approach when creating your content.

Maybe your followers are interacting more with videos instead of images. If so, incorporate more videos into your social campaigns and fewer images.

Measure Hashtag Performance with Kiopi’s Social Media Analytics

Kiopi’s social media analytics feature gives small businesses important insights into how their audience interacts with content. See what content your followers created conversations around.

It also shows what hashtags worked and which ones didn’t. This allows you to make proper hashtag adjustments to future campaigns.

Kiopi analyzes the content and provides data, including various engagement metrics for small businesses. So, you’ll want to schedule content when your target audience interacts more with social posts.

Social scheduling allows small businesses to consistently provide tips, advice, and various resources to target audiences and customers.

Small businesses don’t have to use the same hashtags across all social accounts. Just because something is trending on Twitter doesn’t mean it’s trending on Instagram. However, Instagram and Facebook trends do tend to correlate with one another.

Local businesses should customize the hashtags used for different social platforms and business categories.

Kiopi Empowers Small Businesses to Thrive on Social Media

Small or local businesses can benefit from the social media marketing tools that Kiopi offers. When local businesses incorporate a program like Kiopi into marketing strategies, business owners can focus less on monitoring social accounts and spend more time on business.

If you’re interested in how Kiopi can improve your social media marketing efforts, sign up for our free 14-day trial today!