Best Days to Post on LinkedIn

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When planning the best times to post on your social media platforms, knowing when your target audience is online and what posts will have the highest engagement can be overwhelming. Adding a social media analytics tool, like Kiopi, to your marketing plan takes out the guesswork and provides you with data detailing the best times to post content engagement and more.

While LinkedIn is mainly used as a professional networking platform, research shows businesses that post on LinkedIn often see a better engagement rate with their followers. Successful social media campaigns utilize all platforms, including LinkedIn, so the social media experts at Kiopi share the best times to post on LinkedIn to help you find your marketing sweet spot!

Importance of Strategic Posting on LinkedIn for Businesses

Professionals use LinkedIn as a more educational and informative tool, so when planning a social strategy, each post on LinkedIn should cater to this mindset. LinkedIn is the social platform to establish your business as a thought leader. So save the fun, trendy posts for your Instagram or Facebook accounts and keep your LinkedIn more professional.

While this is the best bet for reaching the largest segment of followers with higher education and job experience, this doesn’t mean that you need to lose your brand voice on LinkedIn.

Identifying Your Target Audience on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is used by millions of people worldwide working in many different industries, so how do you identify your target audience?

Using LinkedIn analytics, more specifically, follower analytics, you can determine when your target audience uses the platform the most and what content resonates with them. 

Key Factors to Consider for Optimal Posting Times on LinkedIn

When planning LinkedIn content, it’s essential to keep your target audience in mind. Active followers view the app during work hours since the platform is used for more professional content and networking.

However, depending on your business type, the best time to post on LinkedIn should reflect when your active followers are online.

If you’re running a small, local business, the best time to post on LinkedIn should reflect your locale time zone. But if your customers live in the US or even internationally, you’ll need to consider various time zones when finding the best times to post on LinkedIn, as these are the time frames that your prospective consumers will be online.

Social media analytics tools, like Kiopi, allow you to view your posts and engagement spikes in real time, which is incredibly important when running a well-thought-out social media campaign and determining the best time to post on LinkedIn.

While LinkedIn is mainly used professionally and utilized by job seekers, businesses can still capitalize on popular LinkedIn trends to boost posts and engagement.

A few social media trends that will be popular this year include:

Personal Branding and Social Selling

Consumers gravitate towards brands they can feel a personal connection with. So, to participate in this trend, you’ll want to give your business a voice by telling stories relevant to your customers’ needs. Offering helpful advice can also strengthen the bond.

Social selling comes down to building trust and eventually becoming the definitive answer that they can depend on. The key to successfully executing this trend, though, is providing educational content while also being entertaining.

Short Videos on Social Channels

We all know the popularity of TikTok and how social media users are gravitating toward video content. You can take advantage of this trend on your LinkedIn business page by adding short videos that can showcase why your business is different. These can be anything from how-to videos, a day in life videos, and more.

When planning content for your LinkedIn account, you must consider the optimal times for your followers to browse the professional network.

People tend to have more active time on LinkedIn during working hours since it’s more of a professional networking platform. Maybe they’re checking emails in the morning and want to see the latest news and content on their LinkedIn feed. Or maybe they’re tired of scrolling Facebook during their lunch break.

While the best times to post on LinkedIn are up for debate, many social media analytic experts agree that consumers show the highest engagement use during the morning and mid-afternoon hours.

So when planning the elements of a social media campaign on LinkedIn, consider when your customers are at work and may receive natural breaks.

If you’re unsure what the best times to post on LinkedIn are for your followers, use a trial-and-error approach. Schedule your content, schedule content for multiple times during the day, hitting the early afternoon and late afternoon, specifically. Then, analyze the data using Kiopi to see what times had higher engagements and which didn’t.

This should show you the best time to post on LinkedIn for YOUR business.

What Are the Best Days for Posting on LinkedIn?

Since LinkedIn is primarily used for social networking among professionals and businesses, it makes sense that the best times to post on LinkedIn are during the work week. During the weekends, professionals switch over to other social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.

We’ve recommended the best times to post on LinkedIn if you want to capitalize on this powerful tool.

It’s important to note that the times we’ve suggested are according to the U.S. Pacific time zone, so make the appropriate adjustments based on your location. Businesses also need to take into account the various time zones that their audiences are in when scheduling posts.

Many social media scheduling platforms will disagree about the best time to post on LinkedIn. That’s why monitoring your business’ LinkedIn analytics is essential to determine the best time for your business.

A social media campaign management tool, like Kiopi, can show when your followers are using the app, what content gets maximum engagement, and when. Our social media posting tool ensures strategic posting.

We’ve found that scheduling quality content on Monday mornings around 11:00 AM reaches the most visibility for the day. Many professionals commit their mornings to catch up on emails and items they may have missed during the weekend or other weekdays from the prior week. Around late morning and lunchtime, they’ll check the professional platform while taking a break from their tasks.

You can test each time period to find the best time to post on LinkedIn for your specific business.

Tuesdays are popular for LinkedIn, with most content viewed between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM. Content posted on Tuesdays around this time experiences more engagement than on other days during peak business hours.

So between 6-8 AM are the best times to post on LinkedIn for Tuesday.

As individuals battle the mid-week slump, they often check LinkedIn during their lunch or afternoon break, specifically around 12:00 PM. So lunchtime is the best time to post on LinkedIn for Wednesday.

On Thursdays, workers can sense the upcoming weekend and have a more relaxed time viewing LinkedIn. People generally check this social media platform around 2:00 PM, between planning weekend festivities.

So, the best time to post on LinkedIn is 2:00 PM on Thursdays.

On Fridays, people check LinkedIn around 8:00 AM. Most people are watching the clock until the weekend starts so they’ll get their work and other important items taken care of during earlier work hours.

So the best time to post on LinkedIn would be around 8 AM on Fridays.

Even though LinkedIn is used primarily during the workweek, with engagement dropping on weekends, it doesn’t mean you should forgo posting on the platform on weekends.

Many individuals will check LinkedIn between 4:00 AM and 5:00 AM on Saturdays before they begin their weekend activities. This coincides with people checking their work emails or if there’s any business that can’t wait until Monday.

Similar to Saturdays, Sunday posts around 6:00 AM have the most engagement. Many people will check their LinkedIn and work emails early in the morning so they don’t have to think about work again for the rest of the day.

You may want to save your content that has a longer shelf life for the weekends.

Ideal Times for LinkedIn Posts

best time to post on linkedin

The times we’ve listed above are more of a general time frame for the best time to post on LinkedIn.

Your business strategy may not fit into those times, so analyze when your specific following is online. Your target audience may use the app more in the morning than in the afternoon or vice-versa.

Knowing when your followers are online is key to creating your LinkedIn content calendar. With Kiopi, you’re able to see what posts and times get the most interaction.

Public transportation is more common in larger cities. During this time, you can post on LinkedIn to engage those waiting for their train, bus, or subway. Reaching your LinkedIn followers early in the morning can help them gear up for their day.

So, the best time to post on LinkedIn to engage early risers is around 5 AM.

Employees usually check their emails and drink coffee while prepping for their workday. During this time, they may scroll through LinkedIn and view what they’ve missed on their commute. So consider posting a video they can listen to while scrolling through spam emails and those annoying “reply all” emails.

Post on LinkedIn around 9 AM to reach this crew!

Lunch is another great time to post engaging content, like videos. Many individuals need a pick-me-up during this time of day and could benefit from interesting content. Interactive posts can also increase the chances your followers will come back later to see other people’s opinions and what feedback their response has gotten.

Just ensure that your LinkedIn posts during traditional business hours make sense for the workplace.

As the workday is winding down, individuals check their emails for the last time and slowly ride the last few minutes of the clock. This is a great time to reach those that don’t check their LinkedIn in the morning or those coming back to see the results of your interactive posts from earlier.

The best days to post on LinkedIn for this method are Thursday and Friday.

If your audience is online often during the post-work evening hours, that may be the best time to post. Many people like to read as they wind down from the day, so this may also be a good time to schedule text posts that your audience can read now that they have free time and don’t have the usual work distractions.

How Kiopi Can Help Improve LinkedIn Marketing Efforts

Using Kiopi for your social media marketing campaigns allows you to schedule quality content across all platforms, including LinkedIn, using a social posting app. When running your campaign, Kiopi lets multiple users track the progress of the posts and change future posts to times when your audience’s LinkedIn engagement increases.

When you incorporate LinkedIn into your marketing strategy, you can reach a different audience than you would using Facebook and Instagram. However, since professionals use this platform during regular work hours, they want their LinkedIn feed to reflect that.

Creating content for a post on LinkedIn may take a little longer to tweak wording and images to have a more professional look, but that extra time will pay off.

Learn more about our social media scheduling tools.

A successful social media marketing campaign utilizes every social media platform and posts on those platforms regularly. During a campaign or just in general, you want to post consistently in order to stay in front of your target audience. Businesses that don’t post consistently lose credibility with their audience.

When you schedule LinkedIn posts and other social media, it shouldn’t just be when you’re promoting a campaign, special event, or product. Posting relevant content on a daily basis helps build trust with your audience, which will have them coming back for more content.

Learn more about our social media content calendar.

Since LinkedIn is used primarily by professionals during work hours, you want to schedule a campaign during that time. However, it’s important to keep your audience and their specific time zones in mind.

For example, if you have an international audience, you don’t want to schedule your LinkedIn posts while they’re asleep.

When you use Kiopi for your social media marketing campaigns, you can track your posts across all platforms and change the times as needed.

Using Kiopi to manage your social media accounts can help you plan future campaigns by analyzing what content worked, what didn’t, and what times had the highest engagement.

While there is a lot of data and research about social media posting times and content, the only way for your business and social media marketing efforts to be successful truly is by monitoring your audience and their engagement patterns.

Kiopi allows you to do this during your campaigns and saves all the data so that you can reference it when planning your next big social media marketing campaign.

Try Kiopi For Free

While we can suggest the best content and posting times, the best way for you to be successful in your LinkedIn and social media marketing endeavors is to review your business’ social media marketing data. Kiopi provides users with an in-depth look into when their audience is online and how their content is doing. This allows you to make changes to future posts to occur at peak engagement times. 

Kiopi helps businesses and social media accounts create and monitor content across all social media platforms, not just LinkedIn. Our scheduling tool, content calendar, and analytics tool allow you to plan a cohesive marketing campaign across all platforms without a headache.

Take the guesswork out of your social media campaigns and start using Kiopi today. If you’re still not convinced that Kiopi can help you manage your LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts, check out our free 14-day trial today.