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How Kiopi Works

Planning with Kiopi

You can’t run a successful marketing campaign without a good bit of planning and organization. That’s where Kiopi comes in. Kiopi allows you to coordinatedraftschedule, and post to all major social platforms, all from one multidimensional site.

By organizing your posts by publish date, you’re able to get ahead of the game in no time at all. Visualize your content plan in a chronological list view or with the help of our virtual calendar, where you can locate each post on the day—and time— it is queued.

Posting to facebook

Scheduling with Kiopi

Kiopi is a social media management platform that allows you to plan, schedule, collaborate, and produce content that promotes client engagement and growth for your company, all from one place!

Kiopi was carefully and thoughtfully designed to simplify your social scheduling on all major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

how to schedule a post on facebook

Content Calendar

Whether you’re managing your own social media accounts or you’re in charge of several different client accounts at once, the task can be quite… taxing. The need for consistent posting, proper brand saturation, and positive consumer/follower engagement can pile up extremely quickly. As a result, it’s common for account managers to feel overwhelmed, overloaded, and utterly lost in a sea of social content.

That’s why Kiopi includes a social media content calendar feature

social media content calendar

Social Analytics

Simply basing your successes or failures on the number of likes or followers you’ve obtained isn’t the best route when it comes to analyzing your social media strategy. Though these numbers can be very telling, they are not the only data you should be measuring. Rather, the best way to gauge your social media presence is to implement a social media analytics tool.

Facebook ads social media analytics

Campaign Management

There are plenty of reasons for businesses to want to capitalize on social media campaign management. You may seek to promote a new product or feature, advertise a holiday special, better connect with your audience, or boost your brand awareness in general. Regardless of your reasoning, you want to strike when the iron is hot.

campaign details

URL Shortener Tool

Have you ever tried to insert a link to a page but were met with a lengthy, random, spam-like URL structure? Aside from the unappealing aesethic of it, such a link is unlikely to even be clicked on by a potential consumer, which can defeat the entire purpose of your post and your marketing efforts altogether.

With Kiopi, you have access to a free URL link shortening tool

link shortener